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Tuition & Fees

Individual Accommodation Plan Fees

Learning Enrichment Activities Program Fees

Homeschool Umbrella
& Independent Study Program Fees


A limited amount of tuition assistance is available each year to assist qualifying families with students in grades K-12.  Current families must have re-enrolled for the coming school year to be considered for assistance.  New families must complete the application process and be accepted for enrollment prior to applying for assistance.  If tuition assistance is not granted, enrollment/application fees are not refundable. For more details regarding tuition assistance, view and / or download the information sheet below.

  • Tuition assistance is available to families who can provide documentation of actual need without regard to nationality, God-given race, color, ethnic origin, or gender.

  • Assistance is not based on the academic or athletic ability of the student.

  • MCS may not be able to meet 100% of the demonstrated need for each applicant, and the number of applicants may exceed the tuition assistance resources of the school.

  • The maximum amount of assistance granted is no more than 50% of tuition.

  • Current families must complete the application by the deadline date determined each year by the school.

  • Parents must re-apply each year for tuition assistance.

  • Application is done online through the parent's FACTS account.  FACTS requires the submission of various documents such as tax returns and W-2 forms in order to verify information.  Awards will not be considered until applications have been verified by FACTS.

  • The application cost is $35, payable to FACTS, at the time of submission.

  • MCS is notified of the amount of qualified need to be considered after the FACTS review.

  • The amount of assistance granted is based on the amount qualified for as verified by the FACTS review and on the amount of tuition assistance resources available.

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