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To partner with Christian parents by providing an academically excellent, Biblically-based education, producing students with distinctive Christian character

Maryville Christian School (MCS) is a Christian, interdenominational, private school set in the foothills of Maryville, Tennessee. MCS has been serving Christian families in the Blount County and surroundings areas since 1994 and currently enrolls 375+ students in preschool through 12th grade.

Our Story

In 1994, a group of 50 Christian families came together and prayed for a future Christian school in Blount County. The faithful prayers and efforts of that group resulted in Maryville Christian School. The campus of MCS was built on the 33 acres of land that it sits on today which was the generous gift of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wallace.  Over the past 20 years, there have been countless examples of people who have given sacrificially and prayerfully as they trusted God to grow a school that is both academically and Biblically excellent.


Maryville Christian School has served as an extension of the home and a partner with the church in Christian education. "Christian" is our middle name, and it controls and characterizes every aspect of school life.  Scholastically, it means that the Bible is a foundational textbook for every subject, for it is the source of TRUTH revealed by God which supersedes truth discoverable by human understanding alone.  Relationally, it means that students are guided toward personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, Friend, and Lord; a relationship that bonds faculty, students, and parents as members of a single body.  Vocationally, it means that students are encouraged to seek and follow God's unique plan for their lives, the purpose for which He wisely and lovingly created and gifted them.  Morally and ethically, it commits the MCS community to a distinctive lifestyle, "blameless and pure... in a crooked and depraved generation" (Phil. 2:15). 

Maryville Christian School maintains dual accreditation with Cognia and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

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