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MCS 2023-2024 Preview

It is exciting to be part of the growth MCS is experiencing. As we continue to grow numerically, we want to ensure that we continue to grow in our academic, athletic, and other extracurricular offerings as well.

In the past two years, we have added high school Team Sports, ACT Prep, and middle and high school Robotics to our academic course offerings, as well as Cross Country to our athletic offerings.

The Lower School has added Jr. Beta Club, L.E.A.P, and now observes the International Hour of Code. As great as all of this is, we want to keep expanding the number of opportunities available to our students.

Listed below are our tentative plans for the 2023-2024 school year.

Upper School Academic Additions

We plan to eliminate many of our Study Halls and, in their place, we will add the following course offerings:

- Life Skills (9th Grade)

- Spanish 3 (Senior Elective)*

- High School Life Fitness (Upper School Elective)

- Media & Production (Upper School Elective)*

- DE General Psychology (Junior & Senior Elective)*

- DE Bible (Content yet to be determined)*

- Supplemental Math (Upper School Elective)

* In order to be offered, these courses require a minimum of 6 students enrolled.

Lower School Additions

- We will be adding a full-time reading intervention specialist for the lower elementary to help improve student reading and provide more continuity in a structured literacy approach in the Lower School.

- We are exploring the possibility of adding a number of after-school clubs.

Athletic Additions

We are currently working with our local athletic associations to add the following athletic programs. We hope to have all of these confirmed by the end of the semester.

- Elementary Co-Ed Cross Country (Fall)

- Elementary Co-Ed Soccer (Spring)*

- Elementary Girls Volleyball (Fall)

- Middle School Boys Baseball (Fall)

- Upper School Girls Softball (Spring)*

* We hope to start these programs this Spring (2023).


In addition to our programming additions, we have several facility improvements planned.

- The entire Lower School hallway will be repainted.

- We will be replacing/upgrading the basketball goals on the playground.

- If there are enough resources remaining, we plan to repaint the gym.

- We are exploring options to add additional classrooms for this next school year.

Master Site Plan

We will unveil our new Master Site Plan at our annual Parent/Board meeting later in the Spring.

2023-2024 Calendar

Our calendar for next school year has been finalized. You can view it HERE.

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fee schedule for 2023-2024 school year has been released. You can view it HERE.


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