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A Few Needs and How You Can Help

Occasionally, there are special projects that require funding beyond the capability of our operating budget. When those projects or needs arise, we work to make our MCS family aware. We are always blessed by MCS families who step up and help meet those needs.

Here are a few of the special projects and needs that we currently have.

New Computers for Faculty/Staff

We are working to purchase new computers for our 60+ faculty and staff. The computers we currently have were donated to the school 7-8 years ago and were already 5 years old then. This is a major need. We want to give our teachers the resources they need to succeed. To have these in place for the next school year, we need to place our order in the next two weeks.

Total Cost $40,000

Amount Already Given $20,000

Amount Still Needed $20,000

Tuition Assistance Fund

This past year we awarded over $134,000 in tuition assistance to families who would otherwise be unable to attend MCS. As we are growing and seeing an increased interest in MCS, we are also seeing an increased need for tuition assistance.

Total Goal $150,000

Amount Already Given $72,000

Amount Still Needed $78,000

Classroom Technology

Technology in the classroom is a great tool. Over time, technology wears out, becomes obsolete, and needs updating. We have several classrooms that need an upgrade in interactive technology (promethean screens, document projectors, 3D printers, etc.)

Total Goal $25,000

Total Already Given $0.

Amount Still Needed $25,000

How You Can Help

1- Pray with us for these needs to be met.

2- If you already know you want to donate, you can designate your donation to any of the three projects listed above by donating online or by sending your donation to the school.

3- Be on the lookout for updates about our progress.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please let me know. You can email me directly at


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