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Tech Support

Tech support is provided to MCS Faculty, Staff and Students.  Please go to the MCS HelpDesk and log in using your MCS Google account.  All help requests will be addressed as soon as possible.

MCS-Guest WiFi Network

MCS welcomes family, friends and visitors.  While you are visiting our campus, you are welcome to use the MCS-Guest WiFi, but please know that this network is highly restrictive to allow greater functionality for our staff and students.  If you would like to connect to our network please look for signs like the picture below, which as posted around our school and give you the necessary information to log into it.

Did you get blocked?

MCS makes every attempt to make your online experience a pleasant one, but occasionally you may run across a web page that is either blocked by our network firewall or blocked by our content-filtering software.  If you were attempting to access a legitimate website and would like it to be added to our list of allowed websites, please use the link below to fill out the Unblock Request form.  Not all requests will be approved.

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