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Ministry Partner: Rooted Music Coaching

For the past year, we have been partnering with Rooted Music Coaching to provide private music lessons in the context of worship. Here is a letter from the director, Brandon Sharp. Brandon is an MCS parent and leads worship for our upper school chapel services.


Hey MCS families:

My name is Brandon Sharp and I’m the director of Rooted Music Coaching here in Maryville. I’ve loved being able to lead worship for our upper school Chapel services, but I wanted to take a minute and tell you about Rooted. Our mission is to create a safe environment where students are able to gain an individually tailored, deeper understanding through purposeful coaching and community. Our music lessons are given at Victory Baptist Church and include anything from guitar, piano, voice, drums, songwriting, producing, and mixing/mastering.

I wanted to highlight our two newest coaches who happen to also be MCS students. Robbie Scoggins and Curtiss Ferry have been drum students for a while now, but are now transitioning into coaching beginner drum students. If you have any students who’d like drum lessons, we’d love to give our MCS families a 10% discount. Looking back on my life as a pastor’s kid, I wish that this kind of music school would have existed in my community, not only to help with the foundations of music, but also to help me understand what worship is, and what it isn’t. Our heartbeat really is for the local church. So as we’re raising up the next generation of worshipers, we’re able to coach and train them, and then send them back to their local church with a better understanding of how to use their gifts for the glory of God. If this is for you, I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have. You can email, text, or call me at: / (865) 248-3147. For more info about who Rooted is and how to receive a free trial lesson, head over to: Hope to talk soon!

Brandon Sharp


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