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MCS Update | May 8

Upcoming Events- Here is what you can expect over the next several weeks. (This does not include many of the class-specific trips or extracurricular practices, performances, or games.)


- May 8-12- Teacher Appreciation Week

- May 15- Parent Board Meeting (In Gym) (See below)

- May 16- STEM Night (See below)

- May 20- High School Graduation (10:00 am)

- May 22- 2nd through 6th grade field day

- May 23- Preschool Celebration (8:30 am)

- May 23- Kindergarten Graduation (10:30 am)

- May 23- 6th Grade Graduation (1:00 pm)

- May 23 & 24- Upper School Capstones

- May 24- 1st through 5th Grade Award Ceremony (9:30 am)

- May 24- Last day of school (early dismissal for all students)

Parent/Board Meeting- On Monday, May 15th, from 6:00-7:00pm we will have our annual Parent/Board Meeting followed by a dessert fellowship. This is a time for the Administration and Board to give a presentation celebrating this past year as well as share our vision for the future.

STEM Night- On Tuesday, May 16th, we would like to invite you to STEM Night. Student work will be on display in the gym, highlighting some of the projects our students have completed in STEM classes throughout the year. There will be work from lower school STEM class, some of our L.E.A.P. students' creations, and some hands-on projects that our upper school STEM students have completed. You can also visit the STEM building throughout the evening to see some demonstrations from our STEM instructors. Don't miss STEM Night, May 16th, 6:30-8:30 PM!

Sports Camps Registration- Registration for our summer sports camps is now open. Please view THIS FLYER to see specific dates, and to learn how to register.

Summer Camp- Our Kids Summer Camp registration is now open. Click HERE to view more information.

Have a great weekend.


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