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MCS Update | April 14

Upcoming Events- Here is what you can expect over the next several weeks. (This does not include many of the class-specific trips or extracurricular practices, performances, or games.)


- April 15- Eagle Force Movie Night

- April 18- Spirit Night at Petro’s

- April 29- Spring Play


- May 5- Fine Arts Festival

- May 5- Upper School Awards

- May 6- Prom

- May 8-12- Teacher Appreciation Week

- May 16- STEM Night

- May 20- Graduation

- May 23- 6th Grade Graduation

- May 23-24- Upper School Capstones

Please keep an eye on FACTS, our weekly updates, and our social media accounts for more information and reminders.

Congratulations to the MCS Middle School Choir- On Thursday the MCS Middle School Choir participated in a regional choir competition. A total of 240 points are awarded for the prepared pieces and 50 points for the sightreading piece for a total of 290 possible points.

Our choir scored 238 on the prepared pieces and 49 points on the sightreading piece. Out of the possible 290 points, our students came together and performed at a level that earned them 287 of those 290. This is truly a remarkable accomplishment.

MCS Creative Arts- Frozen Jr., t-shirt Order forms are now available. Click HERE to view.

Sports Camps Registration- Registration for our summer sports camps is now open. Please view THIS FLYER to see specific dates, and to learn how to register.

Summer Camp- Registration for Summer Camp opens next week. You can view the paperwork HERE. There are still a few details we are finalizing, but this will give you the basic info.

Have a great weekend.


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