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Fall Break and Early Dismissal Reminders

We are posting a mid-week update this week due to important end-of-week reminders.

1- Fall Break: As a reminder, there will be no school next week, October 3rd-7th.

2- Abbreviated Day: This Friday, September 30th is an early dismissal day. Carline will operate at the early dismissal times listed below. Please note that upper school pick-up will take place before lower school pick-up.

Upper School carline (grades 7-12) will begin at 11:20 (classes dismiss at 11:15).

Lower School carline (preK-6) will begin at 11:45.

Here are a couple of important reminders about early dismissal days.

- As mentioned above, upper school pick-up will take place before lower school pick-up.

- Lower school parents should not arrive until 11:40. This will help alleviate congestion while upper school students are being picked up. Parents who are in line during the wrong pick-up time will be asked to circle around the building and re-enter the car line.

- Lower school students with upper school siblings will not be dismissed at the earlier upper school dismissal time. Rather, upper school students with lower school siblings will remain in the gym (supervised) until they are picked up during the lower school pick-up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. Have a wonderful Fall Break!


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