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Little Eagles Soccer

We are thrilled to announce that this spring we will be providing the Little Eagles Soccer League! This league will be an in-house co-ed soccer league offered to all 1st - 4th graders. 

The league's focus will be on developing a love for the game of soccer while also teaching fundamental skills. All participants who register will be placed on teams consisting of other 1st and 2nd graders or 3rd and 4th graders. Each player will be guaranteed a certain amount of playing time to foster a culture of skill development and to instill passion for the game of soccer.

There will be an evaluation day announced later where all registered players will have their skill level evaluated. Teams will be formed based off the evaluation process to ensure as fair competition as possible.

Practices and games will start towards the end of March/beginning of April. Teams will practice once during the week and games will be played on Saturday mornings. Teams will also have a brief practice on Saturday before their games. Depending on the number of teams, teams may play twice on any given Saturday.

Below is the link to the registration form where you may sign your child up. If you have more than one child that would like to participate, please fill out a separate registration form for each child. 

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