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For some students, additional support within the classroom is needed in order for their God-given gifts to shine. Accommodations and modifications are provided through our Individual Accommodation Program (IAP) .

Qualifying for an IAP

To receive accommodations or modifications at Maryville Christian School, a child must have:

1.  A Psycho-Educational assessment performed by a Psychologist or by a professional certified Educational Therapist


2.  A diagnosis by a professional in the medical field.


Medical Professionals Include

  • Medical Doctors

  • Speech/Language Pathologists

  • Audiologists 

  • Physical Therapists

  • Occupational Therapists

Additional Information

The assessment/diagnosis of the child is the responsibility of the parent.  In addition, it is the parent's responsibility to provide MCS with a copy of the assessment/diagnosis report. This copy of the assessment/diagnosis report will be kept on file with the IAP Coordinator. It does not become a part of the student's permanent record and is not forwarded to other institutions in the event the student transfers or graduates unless specifically requested by the parents. 


Once a current assessment report is provided to the school, an IAP Team will review the results and determine the accommodations and/or modifications that can be provided by MCS.


The IAP Program is provided at additional costs based on the level of accommodations needed by the student.  Contact the IAP Coordinator for more information about this program and related fees at 865-681-3205 ext. 246.

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