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Special Update

September 02, 2021
By Dr. Jeremy Wallace

We are thankful for the limited impact COVID has had on our school year thus far. While we currently have only three positive COVID cases among our students, faculty, and staff, we have several faculty members in precautionary quarantine due to non-MCS-related exposure. We also have several faculty members out of town for the junior trip to Washington, DC. This, coupled with our shortage of substitutes, has led to brief staffing challenges.

In addition to the staffing challenges, we do not have access to our gym due to construction. This impacts lunch, PE classes, as well as general maneuverability around campus. 

After evaluating all factors, we have decided to close on Friday, September 3rd and Tuesday, September 7th (Monday was already closed for Labor Day). This will allow time to complete construction in the gym and time for our quarantined faculty and staff to complete their quarantine period and return to campus. These days will not be online learning days. If at all possible, enjoy the beautiful weather on this extra-long weekend. Information concerning athletics will be sent from the Athletic Office.

Thank you for your understanding.

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