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Beginning in 2008, each senior class at Maryville Christian School has gone on a mission trip during their senior year.  During the years 2008 - 2012  the senior class went to Costa Rica.  In 2013 the senior class' mission trip was to Nicaragua, the 2014 senior class went to Haiti, and the 2015 - 2020 senior classes went to Guatemala.  As a Christian school it is our duty to give our seniors the chance to experience servanthood and ministry first-hand in a foreign field.  They have had years of training in Bible classes, in their homes, and within their churches.  Before they leave MCS, we want to prepare and inspire them for a lifetime of serving God.  What better way to conclude their years at MCS than to have them serve the Lord by proclaiming His message to the suffering and lost in a foreign land?

A mission trip is a potent way to help the seniors grow in their relationship to God.  They also grow closer to each other as brothers and sisters as they share this special time together.  Our graduates need to experience a different culture.  By going to a foreign country, they can see how others in the world live and realize how truly blessed we are as Americans.  Perhaps most importantly, serving in a foreign field turns the focus off of oneself and on to the needs of others less fortunate.

Beginning in 2014, the sophomore class has been given the privilege to go to an Indian Reservation located in Eagle Butte, South Dakota.  Located on the Indian Reservation is a small Christian school by the name of Windswept Christian Academy.  Our students are able to minister to the students at this small school by tutoring, teaching Bible stories, playing games, and by simply interacting with the children.   The library at the school was remodeled with new bookshelves that some of our students helped make.  Plans are to continue this mission trip each year and to partner with the school to help meet their needs as they minister to their students.

Senior Mission Trip to Guatemala

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