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Each week, the students of MCS join in chapel programs.

Elementary students have chapel each Wednesday morning between 8:15 and 9:50. The preschool through 3rd grade classes currently support a little girl who lives in India through tithing in chapel each week. Our kindergarten students recently held a "Flea Market" sale in which they brought their own toys and other possessions to school and sold them for a nickel each.  The students learned tithing and other money concepts through this fun activity, but then they shared their earnings in chapel by giving it all to their sponsored child in India. 

High school students participate in chapel every Tuesday, and middle school students have chapel on Thursdays.  Each group also has weekly small group gatherings.  For high school students, small groups are led by Junior and Seniors who have gone through an interview process with the Spiritual Life Committee.  Middle school small groups are led by adult mentors.


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