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Alumni are like the great redwoods on the West Coast, when one tree gets to be around 100 years old little redwood trees start to grow up around it. This is called a cathedral. When the main tree gets so tall and old, the surrounding ones keep it steady and firm. That is the picture of what you have done for our school. God has planted you where you are all over. We want you to know we are the hub for you as you continue to grow and move in the direction God has led you. Your life stories help each of us to know where you have been so we can come alongside and let you know we care.

Since MCS started in 1994, we have seen over 300 graduates starting with our first graduating class in 2001. If you are part of the MCS alumni, we would like to stay in touch with you.  

To provide your full update (contact info, college info, family info, etc), please click here.

To provide changes to your full update (address, marriage, email, etc), please click here.

Please let us know how we can pray for you.  You may reach Alumni Coordinator, Donna Browning, at (865) 681-3205 ext. 273 or by email here



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