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Our elementary music program is choral music led by Mrs. Farrah Westerfield.  Students in preschool through 4th grades learn choral music during the first semester of the year.  During this time the children learn songs in class once a week and perform in a Fall Concert, a Christmas Concert, and also during Awards Day at the end of the school year.  The students perform at school for other events, chapels, and assemblies as well. The 3rd grade combines both choral music and a study of the recorder during the second semester.  Learning to play the keyboard is presented to the 4th grade during their second semester.


Chorus is offered for middle school grades 7th and 8th and also to high school students.  The chorus rehearses in class 4 days a week.  They perform diverse music pieces at a Fall Concert, a Christmas Concert, and the ACSI Music Competition.  The Chorus sang at the entry to the world-famous Grand Ole Opry during the spring of 2014.  The chorus learns proper singing technique, including breath support, pitch, diction, stage presence, and music theory.  The middle and high school groups sing separately as well as combined for various performances.

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