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The staff at Maryville Christian School recognize that all students learn differently.  In order to reach all students we provide several different programs in support of the general curriculum while striving for excellence.

For more in-depth information regarding our Individual Accommodation Program, click here.

Services Offered

Classroom teachers provide academic support and homework help for all students after school until 3:45 Monday - Friday. There is no charge for this support.

  • Kindergarten – 6th grade students
  • Double Dose includes 30 extra minutes of reading instruction by our reading specialists in addition to reading, language arts, and spelling in the classroom
  • Phonemic awareness, phonetics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary instruction
  • Contact IAP Coordinator, Ellen Strickland, for associated costs.
  • Assessment and therapy for students needing speech and/or language services.
  • Weekly therapy sessions provided by a licensed therapist.
  • Contact Speech-Language Pathologist, Liz Stewart, for assessment and therapy cost.
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