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For some students, additional support within the classroom is needed in order for their God-given gifts to shine. Accommodations and modifications are provided through our Student Learning Profile (SLP) program. 

To receive accommodations or modifications at Maryville Christian School, a child must have:

            A.  A Psycho-Educational assessment performed by a psychologist


            B.  A diagnosis by a professional in the medical field.

                        Medical professionals include:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Speech/Language Pathologists
  • Audiologists 
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists


The assessment/diagnosis of the child is the responsibility of the parent.  In addition, it is the parent's responsibility to provide MCS with a copy of the assessment/diagnosis report. This copy of the assessment/diagnosis report will be kept on file with the SLP Coordinator. It does not become a part of the student's permanent record and is not forwarded to other institutions in the event the student transfers or graduates unless specifically requested by the parents. 

Once a current assessment report is provided to the school, a SLP Team will review the results and determine the accommodations and/or modifications that can be provided by MCS.  The assessment is valid for 3 years.  After that time, the parent must have the child reassessed in order to continue receiving accommodations/modifications at MCS.

The SLP Program is provided at additional costs based on the level of accomodations needed by the student.  This could range from between $400 - $800 per year.

One-on-one Resource Instruction can also be provided for Special Needs students in reading, language arts, and math at a cost of $2,500 per year.  Contact the SLP Coordinator for more information about this program and related fees at 865-681-3205 ext 246.           



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