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Every day in second grade is exciting and is full of opportunities to work together, use our imaginations and creative ideas, participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) projects to observe and evaluate changes, and also celebrate discoveries of life and traditions.  A strong foundation is provided in Old Testament studies, scripture memorization and weekly chapel, while applying the principles we learn to our own lives.  Technology is used to evaluate, engage and make learning fresh and fun.

Our reading program centers on a balanced approach that combines decoding skills, comprehension, phonics, and creative writing.  Our math program helps our students go beyond simple memorization to an understanding of the mathematical processes.

Throughout the year, field trips help enhance science and social studies.  We visit the Hyde family farm to learn about the plant life of corn, cotton, and pumpkins.  The rangers in the Great Smoky Mountains teach us at the Elijah Oliver Cabin about the pioneer way of life.  We love to go to Safety City to learn about fire and traffic safety.  Our study of biomes and habitats in our world is experienced by visiting the Knoxville Zoo.  When the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra performs in Maryville, we enjoy the magnificent talent of the musicians.

Extracurricular activities are embedded into the school day including P.E., art, music, library, technology, and Spanish.  Special days in second grade are centered around areas of study such as the American Indians, American Pioneers, Cowboys, and Baseball.  Field Day and Dash and Dodge are fun for the entire school.