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Maryville Christian School is committed to supporting parents who desire to provide a Christian education for their children. In addition to our on-campus program, MCS offers a Home School Umbrella (HSU) for grades K-8 and an Independent Study Program (ISP) for grades 9-12. The HSU is open to families with at least one Christian parent seeking to educate their children from a Christian perspective.  For the ISP, we require prior year enrollment in our K-8 Umbrella Program or prior year enrollment at the MCS campus for guaranteed entry.   

For all new registrants and rising 9th and 12th grade students, the earlier you submit your completed paperwork and payment, the more flexible we can be with our meeting time.   

If you have any questions, please email

Registration Process for New Families

Interested in joining our home school umbrella or independent study program?



2021-2022 Fees


Home School Umbrella (Grades K-8)

Annual enrollment fees will be billed to your FACTS account by June 1. These are due by July 1. A late fee of $25 will be assessed if these are not paid by July 31.

One of the important services we provide is annual standardized testing.  For more information on why we believe this is important, please read the following:  Why Test?

Required Forms:

Independent Study Program (Grades 9-12)

ACT & SAT School Code:  430-009

We require prior year enrollment in our K-8 Umbrella program or prior year enrollment at the MCS campus for guaranteed entry in our Independent Study Program.  Please refer to the Teacher Information & Agreement for additional information.

Required Forms:

Testing Requirements:
Ninth grade students will take the Iowa ACSI version during March testing.  An annual ACT or SAT is required in grades 10-12.  Please register at or and send the results to MCS using school code 430-009.

College Information:
TN Education Lottery Scholarship Program
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

On-Campus Options

Students must be registered with Maryville Christian School.  Coursework is overseen by the ISP Director to ensure graduation requirements are met.  The following programs are available to ISP students:

  • Space must be available in the classroom.
  • Per-course tuition will be charged.
  • A student may take 1-3 courses on-campus per year.
  • Cost: $125 Registration Fee; $1,128 (7th/8th) per class, full year; $1,156 (9th-12th) per class, full year.
  • For additional information please contact our Homeschool Coordinator at 865-681-3205 ext. 228.

Additional Homeschool Resources

Smoky Mountain Home Education Association ~ 
SMHEA unites your voice with thousands of other families working together to protect our freedom.  Check out their website to see what they offer and learn about area co-ops and activities. 

Home School Legal Defense Association ~
HSLDA is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the rights of parents to direct the education of their children.  Membership includes additional discounts and benefits.

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