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Survey of the New Testament provides students with the knowledge of each book of the New Testament, from fundamental themes, to doctrinal statements, while enabling students to draw meaning from the Bible and apply it to their personal life and their Christian walk.

English 8 focuses of developing and reinforcing skills needed for high school writing and literature.  Grammar, usage, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation skills are taught through a contextual application method.  Reading fluency, comprehension, and writing fluency is the major focus of reading/writing activities.  An analysis of literary elements and writing style is emphasized.  Greek and Latin roots and their derived words are introduced for vocabulary development.

American History covers the European exploration of North America, the development of the British colonies, and the political, cultural, religious, and economic influences that led to the American Revolution.  The development of the United States through the 19th century, along with policies that affected the American Indians, events leading up to the Civil War, and Tennessee history are included.  Throughout the course, the reality of God's sovereignty over historical developments is affirmed.

Pre-Algebra includes simple equations, inequalities, factors and exponents. A problem-solving approach to the review of arithmetic skills and an introduction to geometry, as well as data analysis and probability, are included. 

Honors Algebra I is intended to build a foundation for all higher honor-level math classes.  This course reviews algebraic expressions, integers, and mathematical properties that will lead into working with variables and linear equations.  There will be an in-depth study of graphing, polynomials, quadratic equations, data analysis, and systems of equations.

Physical Science emphasizes seeing the glory of God in chemistry and physics by burning, breaking, measuring, creating, and launching.  This is a hands-on course which teaches concepts of matter, types of substances, interactions, chemical reactions, energy, electricity, and magnetism.

Physical Education is designed to help students acquire a higher level of fitness.  We will focus our energy in four areas:  stamina, speed, strength, and skills.  There is a combination of team sports and individual skills, emphasizing the characteristics of teamwork and cooperation, as well as self-motivation and individual achievement.

Health includes an overview of disease, the study of each body system and their function, first aid, and social/emotional development.  In addition, the care for the body through nutrition, fitness, and hygiene are included.

Fine Arts:

Band provides students with the opportunity to grow musically while learning performance technique and etiquette.  This class helps students develop their ability to read music and provides various opportunities to perform throughout the year.

Choir is designed to teach singing technique, breathing, and posture.  Students will also learn to work cooperatively, to sing in an ensemble, and to sing in parts.  This will be achieved through a variety of styles/genres of music.  Finally, students will study music theory, solfege, and sight-singing.

Art classes provide instruction in the elements of art and the principles of design.  Students will explore basic art media and techniques, such as drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, collage, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, and more!  In addition to gaining confidence and proficiency working with a variety of mediums, students will learn about the history, analysis, and interpretation of art.