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Maryville Christian School provides support for students who may need extra assistance with organization.  This program is designed to provide accountability and build independence for our students in grades 4-12.  If you are interested and have questions, please call Ellen Strickland, SLP Coordinator, at 865-681-3205 ext 246.

  • Student must own an agenda or planner
  • Student must fill out agenda every day for every class
  • Student must have teacher initial agenda for each class period every day


Checkout  Locations:
  • Grades 4-6: Mrs. Strickland, Learning Lab
  • Grades 7-12: Mrs. Boyd, Learning Lab


Program Details:

At dismissal, students will be required to stop in their designated “checkout” location.  At that time, the student will sign in, show the checkout teacher his or her agenda and open backpack.  The teacher will then check those items to make sure the student is prepared to go home with all of the needed materials for the night.  If the student did not get the agenda signed, they will need to return to each classroom teacher for a signature.  If the student is missing a text book, study guide or folder, he or she will be asked to return to their locker for that missing item.  At checkout, the teacher will give a final signature on the agenda for the day.  If a student fails to check out, parents will be notified by email that afternoon.  No disciplinary action will be taken at school. 



The Backpack & Agenda Check program will be provided at a cost of $25 per semester or $50 per year. 

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