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Event Information

Dash and Dodge is a schoolwide fundraiser that happens each spring. Elementary students participate in a walkathon during the morning, and MS/HS students participate in a dodgeball tournament in the afternoon. It is a fun all-day event for the entire family. In 2018, we brought in over $30,000 through the event that was used for playground repairs and technology expenses with our 1:1 Chromebook program.

2019 Project List

Click here to view this year's project list for the raised funds.

2019 BONUS Incentives

PreK-5th Grade - top earning student from each class gets to silly string Mrs. Shillington
6th-12th Grade - top earning dodgeball team gets to select one team member to dump a bucket of slime on Miss Johnson
6th-12th Grade - total dodgeball donations and pledges more than $5,000, then we will have Faculty vs Student dodgeball matches
All School - $3,000 or more through the online donation site, Mrs. Felty will dress up as a chicken for a day of school
All School - top earning student gets to put a pie in the face of Mr. Schottleutner

2019 Dash Awards/Prizes

Click here to view this year's awards/prizes for PreK-5th grade students.

2019 Dodge Awards/Prizes

Click here to view this year's awards/prizes for 6th-12th grade students.

2019 Spirit Week Dress Up Days

Monday, March 25 - Sports Day
Tuesday, March 26 - Pajama Day (elementary); Wacky/Tacky Day (MS/HS)
Wednesday, March 27 - Character Day (superhero, cartoon, book character)
Thursday, March 28 - Class Theme Day (each class picks their own theme for the day; prize for the class with the highest % participating)
Friday, March 29 - wear your Dash and Dodge shirts that will be sent home before the event