Dress Code


The philosophy of the Maryville Christian School dress code is to promote an appearance that is honoring to the Lord. The Bible tells us that “man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (I Samuel 16:7).  God knows our spiritual condition by our hearts, but men initially see only the physical body and how it is attired.  Therefore, it is necessary that those who attend MCS present a neat, attractive appearance as a testimony to the God we serve. 

Students are expected to wear conventional, modest clothing to school.  All students of MCS are expected to adhere to this dress code during school, as well as on field trips, picture day, awards day, and other school-sponsored events.  At other activities, such as athletic events, banquets, etc., modesty is the standard that should be followed.

Parents’ full support of this dress code is required.  You do this by the cooperative attitude you display to students and by seeing that your students dress in compliance with this code. 

MCS t-shirts will be kept on hand if students arrive at school out of dress code.  Discipline plans will be followed when dress code infractions occur.

Areas of dress not mentioned or defined in the below statements will be left to school personnel for interpretation and enforcement.  If an item of clothing raises a question in your mind, it should not be worn.

Any portion of this dress code is subject to alteration by the school board and administration at any time.

Exceptions to this dress code may be approved by the administration.


Elementary Dress Code (Grades PK-6)

Middle/High Dress Code (Grades 7-12)