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Maryville Christian School offers three educational options for students:  full-time on-campus, Homeschool Umbrella (K-8), or the Independent Study Program (9-12).  The school desires to provide opportunities for students who need flexible schedules, for students who desire to take courses not offered on campus, and for homeschool students.

Please click the options below to learn more about the characteristics of each educational option.

A full-time student is one who is on campus for five to seven periods per day and pays full tuition and fees.  Coursework is overseen by the MCS Guidance Counselor to ensure graduation requirements are met. The following programs are available to full-time on-campus students:

MCS On-Campus Courses
MCS Online (available to students in grades 9-12)
  • Fulfill graduation requirements if unable to be met with on-campus courses
  • Credit recovery
  • Electives not offered on campus
Student Activities
  • Spiritual Retreats                          
  • National Honor Society                
  • Academic competitions
  • Student Council
  • Class trips and/or field trips
  • Small group ministry     

Students must be registered with Maryville Christian School.  Coursework is overseen by the ISP Director to ensure graduation requirements are met.  The following programs are available to ISP students:

MCS On-Campus Courses
  • Space must be available in the classroom.
  • Per-course tuition will be charged.
  • A student may take 1-3 courses on-campus per year.
  • Available on-campus courses may be found under the “Academics” tab
  • Cost: $125 Registration Fee; $1,109 per class, full year
  • Please contact our Guidance Counselor for additional information.
MCS Online
  • Courses Available (PDF)
  • A student may take up to three (3) courses per year, unless special permission is granted.
  • MCS Online courses have a charge because we purchase the courses from a third party and have administrative costs to cover.
  • Application Fee: $60
  • Semester Course, half credit: $595
  • Semester Course, full credit: $795
  • Advanced Placement Course, half credit: $690
  • Advanced Placement Course, full credit: $850
  • Dual Enrollment Course: $850
  • Credit Recovery Course, half credit:  $595
  • Credit Recovery Course, full credit: $725
  • Click here for additional information about MCS Online.
Course-specific Field Trips