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Mission Statement

The mission of Maryville Christian School is to partner with Christian parents by providing an academically excellent, Biblically-based education, producing students with distinctive Christian character. 


Vision Statement

Maryville Christian School offers a nurturing, safe, and progressive learning environment.  Our focused curriculum builds Christian character, a Biblical worldview, and stimulates scholastic excellence.  The result is a challenging atmosphere which promotes self-discipline, diligence, and respect and encourages interaction among students of all ages.

MCS will strive to:

  1. Present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach the Scriptures for personal salvation and to cultivate spiritual growth in order to enhance the ministry of the local church and our school.

  2. Develop a Christ-centered educational atmosphere for our students that produces an academic experience with a Christian worldview.

  3. Produce students who will adhere to standards of personal responsibility.

  4. Work together with our families to maintain a spirit of cooperation and open communication between our parents, staff, and administration for an optimal learning experience.

  5. Provide and maintain a godly faculty and staff committed to the lives and development of our students.